7 Easy Tips To Save More On Packaging Costs!

Brands are constantly trying to cut costs, and that usually applies to all departments. However, when it comes to packaging, it’s important to be practical, given that valuable goods and products are at stake.

In this post, we bring 7 tips to save more on packaging costs.

  1. Consider redesigning the box. Most companies believe that standard boxes cost cheaper, which might not be the case. Go for custom packaging, because the box will be designed with the product in mind and that can minimize use of packaging materials.
  1. Think of what’s necessary. For example, if you are selling subscription boxes, can you manage with one sturdy box instead of an outside packaging? Consider what you really need to sell the product.

  1. Calculate all costs. Box packaging is not just about the actual price, but you also need to consider the shipping charges, both for getting the order to your warehouse and for selling the final item in the market. Sometimes, wrong budgets get us to wrong figures.
  1. Reduce cost of storage. Companies like Belley offer amazing warehouse storage choices for packaging materials. You can place an order for boxes with such services, and they will ship your boxes, as and when required. Considering that space is often the most expensive aspect for businesses, this is a great option.
  1. Order in bulk. It goes without saying that bulk ordering always costs less, but there’s catch. Typically, brands change the packaging details once in a year or few years, so you don’t want to order in bulk if you have such plans for your product.

  1. Pack right. You don’t need to go for expensive boxes, especially because cushioning can prevent a lot of damage. Talk to your box supplier to understand how they can cut costs on corrugated boxes.
  1. Reviewing your packaging needs. As your brand grows, it is necessary to redefine the approach to packaging. Cutting costs gets easier when you know the product and have found better ways to take the label and box to the next level.

Finally, do learn from your competitors. You can avoid some of the expensive mistakes by keeping a tab on how your immediate competitors are dealing with packaging. It is more than necessary to follow the market trends, and if you hire a good manufacturer, half of your worries can be done away with. Find manufacturers who can help with design and conceptualization of packaging boxes.

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