Five Reasons to Choose Treated Wood Pilings for your Dock

In order to build a structurally sound dock, you need to use durable, sturdy, and straight pilings. Although you can depend on wood in terms of this demand, treated wood pilings can handle the environmental conditions when being immersed in salt water or brackish without losing their integrity.

Treated pilings provide protection against marine life and decay. The treatment involves injecting the wood with a chemical preservative to create a protective envelope around the inner portion of the timber. Such protection features viability that depends on the depth of the treatment’s penetration and the ability of the wood to hold on to the treatment. If you are wondering why you must pick treated wood pilings, consider the following reasons:

They Last for a Long Time

Treated wood is made to last because of its protective barrier which limits heartwood damage. As it resists rot and damaging marine organisms, the treatment prolongs the pilings’ lifespan.

They are Affordable

When compared to fiberglass, wood pilings can be more affordable. Although you should not make your buying decision based on price alone, it can be a significant variable for any project.

They are Sturdy

Aside from their ability to stand to being driven to the ground, treated pilings can support decking and dock accessories. Also, they hold up to the currents’ flows and ebbs. No matter the purpose of your dock, you can expect wood pilings to stand up to the weather and tear.

They Maintain their Look

For a lot of boaters, wooden docks are the only way to go. The look of the wood is quite reassuring. Additionally, wood pilings can be painted, sanded, or stained. Their ability to hold up to the damaging effects of the environment they are exposed to, they can maintain their look for a long time.

They can be Altered

It is possible to custom cut wood if necessary. This can make it easier to work with them than other kinds of pilings. Modifications can be necessary depending on the needs of a project.

Over the years, wood pilings have been used in constructing homes, decks, docks, and others. They have been proven effective in supporting coastal homes, electrical cables, and telephone cables. As long as they are properly embedded, they will last for many years. Treated wood pilings will last even longer and can be used in a variety of applications. If you are not sure of which kind of piling that suits your project, do not hesitate to talk to experts at a lumber yard.

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